Product Showcase: Railing Balusters

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Let’s talk about railing balusters. There are a few ways to go about installing your balusters between your top and bottom rail.

The first is to use wooden dowels:  You mark the top and bottom rail at the appropriate spacing, then drill your holes to the size of the dowel at each mark.  Then you install your bottom rail between your posts, set each dowel in the predrilled hole, and line up every dowel with its respective hole. Here you have to make sure that each hole is drilled at the perfect angle and depth.  Further, with panels having up to 30 dowels, lining up each dowel snug can be tedious and require several hands.

The second method is to use a prefabricated baluster/mounting system.  With this system, you save yourself the trouble of having to drill the holes for each baluster, but the issue of holding them true from the bottom to the top persists.

railing balusters

Enter our Color Guard Snap ‘N Lock mounting system.  This is a clip system that saves you the heartache of pre-drilling and holding each individual baluster true.  With this system, you can install both your top and bottom rail, then come in and add the balusters after.  The balusters clip into their connectors, and are covered a plastic piece to hide the connection.  Then you’re done! You have a baluster system that is secure and stylish, every time.

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