Product Showcase: Camo Collated Driver and Deck Clips

When installing composite deck boards, the measurements and placement can become quite tedious.  Making sure your spacing between each board can be tiresome and time consuming, and creates several opportunities for human error.  Camo Fasteners has created a solution to these problems, saving you a load of heart (and back) ache with their camo drive Collated Driver and Deck Clips.


The deck clips have flanges that attach to the joists, holding them in place so you can set several boards at a time.  The flanges are colored black so that they hide the joist, ensuring that you won’t see the joists from between the boards.  They also lock into the grooves of our composite decking, creating the 3/16” spacing between your boards that is necessary for drainage. If you are installing boards at an angle that isn’t perpendicular to your joists, just use our Edge X Clips, which hold fast to the grooves in the deck boards rather than the joist.


When you have your boards set up and ready to be drilled into your joists, the Camo Collated Driver allows you to drill without getting on your hands and knees.  The length of the gun allows you to stay on your feet as you walk from clip to clip, and the funnel they have attached to the end ensures that you will hit the screw every time!

marksmandrive_edgeguide_nnc-6 installdecking

If you’d like to know more about our Camo Deck system, give us a shout! Duke or Scott would be happy to give a demonstration to show you the benefits of all different fasteners.  Give us a call at 254 772 5243 and we’ll get you started on your next deck!

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