Product Showcase: Simpson Column Base

Let’s talk about post bases.  A post base keeps the bottom of the post off the ground to allow it to release moisture, and holds it in place to ensure its stability against the wind.

The Simpson Column Base is one of the top performers when it comes to stability, as it reaches well below the ground surface, giving it the stability of burying the post without the risk of wood rot.

This post was buried without a post base for several years.  Without the ability to drain the moisture, even western red cedar is susceptible to wood rot.


Simpson CB66R

The bottom of half of the base sits in concrete, poured about a foot and a half below ground level.  The top half consists of two flanges that hold the post with four 5/8” lag or through bolts.


If you'd like to know more about our Post Bases, give us a shout! Duke or Scott would be happy to give a demonstration to show you the benefits of all different fasteners.  Give us a call at 254 772 5243 and we’ll get you started on your next deck!


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