Sometimes you need a fastener that does more. Maybe you're looking for higher loads, additional corrosion resistance, or perhaps an installation method that saves time on a repetitive application. Whatever it is, you are no longer looking for just a fastener, you are looking for a solution.

Simpson Strong-Tie® is focused on providing fasteners and fastening systems that blend testing, field research and insightful design with the highest quality materials. Whether you're fastening roofs, decks, siding, subfloor, cooling towers or framing, we have a performance-based solution to fit your project.

Redwoods, Inc. carries a full line of Simpson Strong-Tie® Hardware & Fasteners.

Fasteners for Western Red Cedar:

Hot-dipped galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel fasteners are all corrosion-resistant and can be used to fasten Redwood or Cedar.  Other types of nails and screws are not recommended.  They can rust and disintegrate and react adversely with the natural preservative oils present in Redwood and Cedar resulting in unsightly stains and streaks.  Stainless steel fasteners are the best choice, especially if the wood is to be finished with transparent or semi-transparent stain.  Use No. 304 stainless steel for general applications and No. 316 for seaside exposure.

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