Treated Yellow Pine

Redwoods Inc. stocks YellaWood®  from Great Southern Wood Preserving.

Our YellaWood®  is treated with a Micronized Copper Preservative.  Consumers have fallen in love with the lighter, more natural appearance of micronized copper treated products as well as their improved painting and staining capabilities. But YellaWood® brand products also boast improved corrosion characteristics. In addition, they are long-lasting, durable, clean to the touch, have no objectionable odor, and provide protection from rot, fungal decay and termite attack. Outdoor exposure testing shows that products treated with micronized copper preservatives offer superior product benefits compared to other copper-based wood preservatives.

All of our material is Ground Contact Treated giving your lumber an added amount of treatment which will greatly enhance the durability and service life of the product.

All of our 2X material is also Kiln-Dried after Treatment (KDAT) to minimize warping and twisting during the drying process.  YellaWood® brand KDAT (kiln-dried after treatment) products are pressure-treated and then kiln-dried to remove excess moisture; the result is beautiful, durable lumber that is ready to paint, stain, or seal when you are.


  • Immediately ready to paint, stain, or seal
  • Minimizes shrinking, cupping, and warping
  • Lighter than freshly treated lumber
  • More strength, stiffness, and holding power for nails, screws, and joints
  • Easier to handle, cut, and install
  • Pressure-treated protection against rot, fungal decay, and termites
  • Environmentally preferable treatment process
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty

Treated Pine Availability

Lengths Available


8' 12' 16' 20'
2x4 # 1 GC KDAT Check Mark Check Mark
2x6 #1 GC KDAT Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
2x6 DSS GC KDAT Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
2x8 #1 GC KDAT Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
2x10 #1 GC KDAT Check Mark
2x12 #1 GC KDAT Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
4x4 #1 GC (Wet) Check Mark Check Mark
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