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Redwoods, Inc. understands that having the best building supplies available is only part of what you need.  That’s why we maintain a rock-solid commitment to the very best customer service possible.

We don’t twist arms or tell tall tales in order to log sales.  We believe that the best way to build long-term, productive relationships with our clients is by showing them just how much we can help them.

We’re dedicated to:

  • Making on-time deliveries
  • Maintaining open and productive communication with our customers
  • Providing the highest quality materials to our customers
  • Offering the best possible prices
  • Giving our customers the best possible advice

Walk In

When you come to Redwoods for lumber we will offer friendly service, assistance and advice. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will pull and load the lumber into your vehicle for you.

Will Call

Redwoods also offers will call service. If you would like to call, fax, or email in a list, we are happy to have orders pulled in advance and ready for pickup. Your order can be hand-loaded or banded together and loaded onto your trailer by an experienced forklift operator.


Big Timbers:

  • Resize to exact specifications
  • Surface to S4S (smooth)
  • Custom cut rafter tails, corbels & brackets

Board Dimensions:

  • Rip or Resaw to customer requirements
  • Run to pattern (custom or standard)


Whether contractor or homeowner, we also offer delivery service to anywhere in Waco and the surrounding areas. Deliveries are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to call in advance to schedule your delivery.

Material Take-Offs/Project Cost Estimates

If you would like some help with your lumber take-off, our sales staff is happy to sit with you and work out a material list for your project. All you need is an idea of size and design for your project and we can help with the rest.

If you already have a list and just need prices, please call, fax, or email your list over and let us quote you. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that this excellent service comes with a most competitive price.

Special Orders

We are also the ones to call for those hard to find items. Whether it is an upper grade of redwood, or doug fir beams, we are happy to check on availability and give you a price for special orders. We realize we may not always have everything, but we do not mind helping to look for something specific for that special project.

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